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God Wants Your Worries

God wants your worries and your fears, ALL of them!

In 2010, the Lord spoke to me about the things that were worrying me.

He told me that it was time for me to give them to Him.   And, that once I had given them all to Him, that I must not take them back again.

Psalm 55:22

Cast your burden on the LORD, And He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved.

Matthew 11:30 “For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

How was I to give my problems to God?  Initially I thought I was not worthy.  God reminded me that I WAS of great value to Him

 since He died for me.  This should be enough proof to grab hold of the fact that I WAS WORTHY and was not a bother to God for needing to give Him my problems.  After all, it was God who asked ME to give Him my worries and fears.manfear

The next thing was that I knew I could not just mentally say “Here God, here’s my financial problem.   Now you have it, and I will not let it bother me any more.”   I had to give Him all the problems I had in a physical way, just like when you go to a bank and make a deposit.  You GIVE cash to the Bank to pay off a credit card payment, and at the moment you give the teller the cash, you no longer have it.  Since they are behind the screen, you can not force them to pay you back after the deposit has been made.

Not only did God want me to give Him my worries and fears, which were after all stealing (John 10:10) my Joy and Life, but he wanted to HELP me give them to Him.  Isn’t God wonderful?

Pad and pen

1. I got a pad and a pen and listed out all of my worries and fears in no particular order.  I wrote them down as I thought of them.  God was no doubt bringing them to my remembrance.

2. I ranked them with a number, beginning with “1” being the most bothersome worry that was keeping me living without peace.   I went down the list of about 23, with the last item being “the least of my worries.” — number 23.

Index Cards

3.  I had a pack of 3 x 5″ index cards.  I decided that I would give God the biggest problem first, the one which was keeping me in the most worry.  This was ranked “1”.  I wrote on the card …. “Dear Father, this problem is about……” and I wrote it out IN FULL.   God knows the problem, he doesn’t need me to write it out in full for Him to know it.  But it was good for me to get it all “off my chest.”   I ended the one card with something similar to “Please Lord, help me with this problem.  It has been bothering me immensely.  I give it to you completely in the name of Jesus.”

The Box

4. I got a small box and wrote on the top in black marker “Property of Yahweh”.   I told God that this box was His.  Everything inside this box he truly owned.  I was serious with God on this.  He knew I meant it.  I truly wanted Him from that point onwards to own the contents of whatever I put in this box.  This was a good mental milestone,  because in my heart I knew God took my statement seriously, and would call me on the carpet on it later (enforce it) if I ever decided to let on of these 23 things bother me.

5. After I wrote out the problem on the card, I lit a candle, sat it, and the box on a chair.  It was a makeshift altar.   I prayed over the card to God, reading it out word for word, aloud.  This was the “ceremony” of giving him MY worry OVER TO HIM.

6. The key step : After finishing the reading out of the card, I put the card into the box, never to be taken out again for as long as I live.   This symbolizes that I gave the worry to God, and I must never take it back (God’s original requirement of me.)

I repeated the process of writing on an index card and dropping it in the box for about 20 days.  The final 3 items were relatively small so I gave them all three of them in one night.   To this day I have not consciously been aware of any of the items bothering me.   I still have the box, and when I had a new problem bother me a few months ago, I wrote out an index card and did the same exercise, putting it in the box.

This  box can stay with you for life, a place where you can always deposit things for God to keep and fix.   Jesus wants you to live a life in abundance, and you cannot do that worrying about things which are far smaller than God Himself.  Remember, God will not violate your Free Will.  So He will not wrestle a problem out of your arms that you are trying to control yourself.   But once you do decide to give each of your worries to Him, and you Trust Him, only then can he truly work the problem out for you.  He is not a mean God that he will not help you.  He loves you with all of his heart, and his heart is extremely large and he loves you with an extreme intensity.  He must have done to die for you.

I pray this blesses you and removes you from worry, anxiety, fear and trauma.  And, for you to be able to live a life…of abundance, thanks to our Lord Jesus.

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