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Daily Bread

We started off our day busy as usual. The calendar for the day was filled. We went from one place to the next seeking to get it all done. While fulfilling our schedule, we came across this man. He was on the streets asking strangers for his daily bread.
For this man to accomplish simple daily basic sustenance he asks strangers for help. He relies on the mercy of others to get by. I can’t even imagine what he is going through.
In addition to getting by, he told us he needs cancer medicine. He was diagnosed with cancer and can’t afford his medicine. Lord, I am humbled by this man. His need is great and his pain was intense. This man was so pleasant and content with his circumstances. God used us to bless this man and pray for him. He said that the pain in his neck where the cancer was, was intense. This pain, he said got worse at night. We told him of Jesus and how he paid the price for all healing. We laid hands on him and prayed in Jesus name for the pain to leave. In about 20 minutes there was a change. The man stood in wonder. He said, I can’t believe it….the pain is gone. I can’t believe it. No, seriously guys, its gone. No, seriously I don’t think we need to still get my medicine. Praise God!
We got him some food after we prayed. In the car that day, he gave his life to the Lord. The goodness of God leads to repentance.
This man was hungry today and expected to make money to get fed. God heard his cry and healed this man. Sometimes we are hungry but it’s not physical bread we need.
The word says, “give us this day our daily bread” God still does miracles, if only we would believe and lean not on our own understanding. Ask God today to feed you. I guarantee it won’t be your usual meal.




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