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Heaven on Earth


Heaven on Earth
If I walk with the Lord my surroundings can become heaven on earth. There will be no separation between the heavens and the earth. The line will be so blurred I won’t be able to tell where one begins and the other ends.  If we keep pressing towards the mark there can be freedom. To obtain that freedom I must move….create a ACTION. If I want to drive a car, looking at it all day won’t get it to move. I must get in and drive to experience the ride……taste and see. I am guilty of not moving sometimes to the left or to the right. Waiting for God to give instructions. If I read his word, He already tells me faith without works is dead. This means I must walk and believe so I will be made complete in doing both simultaneously.
Sometimes what we are waiting on God for is right there. If only we would believe and walk by faith. There’s nothing wrong with looking to God but there are things He already told us to do in the bible. Its like asking if you should show kindness or love to someone, when God commands us to love. Why would I ask if I should pray for a stranger?
No one said it was easy. I am aware of these facts in some areas of my life, but if I want a life change, I need to change every area for it to be life changing.
In Christ, change comes when our will lines up with the Lord’s will.
I always pray, Lord move heaven and earth to get this done. God is looking at me and saying…if (YOU Move) my will can be done. Gods word says apart from him we can do nothing. I have to move in Christ to do something.
Lord help us to move closer to you and not be apart from you. God help us to persevere against what our eyes see and our flesh feels. God help us to clearly tune into the God frequency and hear what he says to the church. Lord open the eyes of our understanding.
Heaven on earth is in us. Jesus died to make it all possible. If only we can remove ourselves from, our lives and let God drive.
Instead of us arguing, we can seek peace. Instead of us complaining wait on the Lord. Instead of us assuming seek Gods face. Heaven on earth comes when we carry it in us and let it out(it= he that lives in us). If Jesus came to earth, never did anything and never spoke, the price paid for salvation wouldn’t have happened. Heaven on earth comes when you don’t speak selective words when someone cuts you off in traffic. God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly all we can ask or think. Are we (willing) to do our part? Walking out our faith with fear and trembling….and moving in faith to complete a work. …heaven on earth can start with one person. Maybe that person can be me, or you.
Oh take me to that place Lord…to that secret place Lord. Where I can be with you.

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