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The Cry of the Desperate

desperatemanA letter from an abandoned soul says:

“God, give me a reason to live, a place to fit in. No one cares if I live or die. Where are your people from the bible?

Your Word says in John 13:35:
35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

So many places have people who stare at me because of how I look or smell. There are people who stay together and do not let me into their groups. It is actually worse than the world. There is still jealousy, back biting, and competition. There are some who speak but if I miss service one day I am criticized in some places. If I don’t fit in, the friends I made while there, no longer speak to me if I leave. It’s like being banished. I could be trapped in my house sick. If I’m not in service for two weeks it’s like no one knows I’m missing. How can this be the remnant of God’s people? Where is the love of Jesus if the tithes are more important than the people? Why do building repairs get talked about more than the hopeless, homeless, depressed, suicidal and abused …etc? What happened to “feed my sheep”?
What hope is there for the lost or new believers to survive? This isn’t every church, but it’s the majority. If this is what the christian menu is serving, it’s understandable why people are lost.
This to some might offend, to others an eye opener, and to some a reality. Which of these represent you?  Have any of these situations occurred in your life? What I do know is that the Truth shall set you free.
God, I feel abandoned by today’s church and confused about the unspoken message being put out by church institutions. For now, I will stay in my home and pray. God, I will seek your face in the secret place. Lord, continue to direct my path.

Signed: Desperately seeking a church with Tongue talking unafraid Jesus followers.”

One thought on “The Cry of the Desperate

  1. ‘Why do building repairs get talked about more than the homeless?’ This is such a sad statement. Thank God Jesus is returning to take us home. It is hard to witness these realities and realize a lot of people just don’t care. God has made a way to fix all of this.


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