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Who are “The Lost” to you?


Who are “The Lost” to you?

I sat and listened to a man speak his mind on a matter. He said he was excited that technology was advancing and that online was the new way to preach the gospel. He smiled and was like, we can do away with the old way….everyone is online. Unforetunately, he was not the only one to think this way.
In the moment these comments reached my spirit, God showed me something different. Yes, the computer reaches more people but, the human factor of love, human contact, compassion and planting seeds of hope…by looking people in the eye or giving them a hug was removed. This statement also says that those who have online access are all that are being reached with the online preaching mentality…in some cases.
God showed me that he wants “All” of “the lost” to be reached. There is an entire population who can’t afford online, tv, phones, or even radio. There are people still living in the woods and desserts, and rain forest, among many other not mentioned places, that are unreached.
God reminded me to continue to honor technology but to represent Him in the one on one encounters with His people. God wants us to meet “the lost” where they are. God wants us to physically speak to whosoever believes in him. To connect with the desperate, suicidal, depressed and whoever else is lost or losing it. A tv or a phone can’t hug or comfort someone.We must spread Gods goodness and glory like Jesus did. He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.
So, for me, the lost, could be anyone, any time, anywhere……even in your church. We must bring the kingdom of heaven where it has not been made manifest. We are annointed to bring good news to the afflicted. To heal the broken hearted. To proclaim liberty to the captive and freedom to the prisoner. Some prisons have tv and some don’t.
Thank you Lord that where the Spirit of the lord is there is freedom. We must go out to the people. Where there is no air conditioning or heat. Where being uncomfortable and starving while others eat is normal. Thank you Lord that we will walk in the light of obedience.

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