Dominion Blog

Identifying Your Identity and Salvation in the Cross


The world changes their definition of your worth from moment to moment. If we place our trust in this definition our world could crumble.
Today put your identity in Christ. God builds his church on a rock. Upon this rock you can stand. Let the Lord be your refuge and shelter. Trust in Him with all your heart. As God loves and freely gives this to you, give to another. Freely love, shelter and give to others who stand where you were.
If not for the cross where would I be?
Where the world throws away….God redeems.
Where the world rejects …God says come all who are weary and heavy laden.
Where the world judges clothes….God dresses you in princely garments.
Where does my help come from?
It comes from the Lord.
I know my redeemer lives.
I will dance like David dance before the Lord.
I will sing a song of praise.
I am not perfect Lord but you make all things new. In you there is strength.
In you there is forgiveness.
God give us grace.

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