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Your New ID Is Enclosed Pt.5 – Your Identity In Christ (65) – November 28 2020


The Spirit of the Lord leads us to read Psalm 103 verses 1 to 5 to start this week. Then, in the second part of the program, we continue the mini-series, ‘Your New ID Is Enclosed’, now on Part 5. We continue speaking from Romans chapter 6 verses 4 to 10. God has blessed all believers, in that, at the moment we made the decision to give our life to Jesus and receive Him as our Savior and Lord, we were buried with Him, and resurrected Him with newness of life. By so doing, since Jesus was raised from the dead, thereby conquering death, so therefore the believer reaps the same blessing and magnificent free gift of eternal life, liberally and lavishly given in love by God the Father through His Son Jesus to all who would believe. Not of our own works, but by faith and believing on the name of Jesus.

This program covers the following Scriptures from the Amplified Classic version (AMPC):  Psalm 103:1-5; Romans 6:3-10.